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If your organization conducts business over the Internet, a strong perimeter security is your first line of defense. However, it takes more than the latest security hardware and software to protect critical information. Round the clock management and monitoring, technical expertise, and state of the art facilities are key elements of a strong security program that keeps pace with todayís increasingly complex network security threats.

OndoTecís OndoSecure architecture is designed to overcome the information security challenges that your business faces. It begins with the processing and analyzing of massive amounts of data generated by security devices throughout a clientís enterprise, and then providing the clientís information security staff with the information and advice they need to understand and respond to security threats in real-time. The OndoSecure Security Management platform was designed to rapidly process, analyze, and reconstruct security events. This allows for the collection, normalization, data mining, correlation, and visual presentation of security information.
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Lower Total Cost of Ownership » Whether you outsource a single device or an entire security infrastructure, OndoTec reduces your operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of your security program by deploying hardware and software at NO initial startup capital for cost of equipment.

Trained and Dedicated Professionals » OndoTecís certified Network Security Administrators (NSAs) and Engineers (NSEs) are extensively trained in all aspects of network security. They also undergo rigorous background checks prior to managing and monitoring your equipment.

24x7 Management, Monitoring and Support » When you call, weíre there. Our security analysts work 24x7x365 including holidays so you donít have to.

Powerful Event Correlation » Our superior correlation architecture allows mapping of disparate security events across multiple devices, enabling OndoTecís NSAs to quickly eliminate false positives so they can find real threats and take action.

Guaranteed Responsiveness » Escalation begins immediately when a problem is detected so its source can be identified. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure immediate client notification.

Monthly Security Reports » Each month, our clients receive a security report that summarizes the events of the previous month. The client is kept informed and up-to-date on security vulnerabilities, bandwidth utilization, traffic trends and much more.


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Firewall » OndoTec manages and monitors your firewall 24x7. OndoTecís certified NSAs become an expansion of your in-house IT staff, providing initial setup, analysis of rule/configuration changes and security alert monitoring. OndoTec supports market-leading firewall platforms including Cisco, PIX, Checkpoint, and Netscreen, and Zyxel.

Intrusion Detection » OndoTec offers 24x7 security monitoring using industry standard network and host based IDS platforms. Using sophisticated analysis and correlation tools, OndoTecís team of security experts examines each security event, quickly determines the validity of an attack, and takes steps to prevent it.

Vulnerability Alerting » OndoTecís customized vulnerability alerting service correlates up to the minute threat and vulnerability data with your site-specific asset information. This results in a targeted list of vulnerabilities that pinpoint specific hosts in your environment.

Vulnerability Protection » OndoSecureís vulnerability protection component provides customized, recurring vulnerability assessments across the various layers of your IT infrastructure. By performing regular internal and external network, application, and remote access assessments, we enable you to proactively identify and remediate high-risk vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Antivirus Protection » OndoTec offers managed antivirus protection services against malicious code (viruses, worms, and Trojan horses) As SMTP, FTP, and HTTP data passes through your firewall, OndoTecís service detects and removes malicious elements before they enter or leave your network.

Content Filtering » OndoTec analyzes outbound Internet traffic to ensure compliance with your corporate web surfing policy. Our master database which includes more than 3.3 million sites organized into 83+ categories (including adult content, MP3, gambling, and shopping), helps you create and enforce policies that are right for your organization.

Incident Response and Forensics » OndoTec takes complete management of security incidents working expertly in all areas of detection, assessment, forensics, containment and data recovery.

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OndoTec, headquarted in Laurel, MD is one of the leading managed security service providers. OndoTec combines managed security services with vendor independent consulting to provide better information security at a lower operational cost than can be achieved through an organizationís internal staff. OndoTecís suite of Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services helps organizations design, build and manage their information security and privacy programs.

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